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"Ekspress Serviss" is a car service workshop in Liepaja with more than 15 years of experience. Thanks to the employees' long-term experience and high sense of responsibility, as well as modern equipment, we are able to provide our customers with diverse, professional and high-quality services - everything needed for the car to serve safely, reliably and for a long time without losing important life situations.

Our team understands perfectly - the car is an indispensable and important helper in your daily routine, so our car service always provides everyone with only a high level of repairs and maintenance, and as quickly as possible. We can guarantee that "Ekspress Serviss" workshop in Liepaja is the right place to turn if the car has unexpectedly gone out of order - with every car that comes to our service, we treat it with the best conscience and take care of it as well as our own. For this reason, our car service in Liepaja has become one of the most popular and reliable among car owners, which is also evidenced by the great responsiveness of customers.

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